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  1. Roger Moore at the Barbican: A Report

    Martin Gainsford

    Sir Roger Moore

    Sir Roger Moore

    A short season of screenings dedicated to the career of Sir Roger Moore took place at The Barbican in London between Thursday 21 October and Sunday 24 October 2004. Episodes from Sir Roger’s popular ITC action series The Saint and The Persuaders!were shown along with lesser seen cinematic outings The Man Who Haunted Himself and The Naked Face. Obviously the knighted actor’s tenure in the role of James Bond was not ignored and Saturday afternoon saw The Spy Who Loved Me presented on the screen at The Barbican Cinema 1. The season kicked off in the most spectacular manner possible with an appearance on stage by the man himself on Thursday evening. Prior to the screening of The Man Who Haunted Himself the foyer was awash with admirers of Sir Roger’s work. Such was the interest in the evening that it would appear to some there were more people present without a ticket for the event than those with. A few meagre return tickets satisfied some optimistic early arrivals but many disappointed fans were turned away as the event was a complete sell-out having been so for some months.

    Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After, the official appreciation society of The Persuaders!, generated much interest with a display of memorabilia relating to the Basil Dearden helmed fantasy thriller as well as with copies of his magnificently produced club magazine. Other luminaries from recognised fan circles included Henry Holland of the CULT TV organisation, Dave Worrall of The James Bond Collectors Club and Graham Rye of The James Bond 007 International Fan Club. These long-term enthusiasts mingled with general members of the public but all were similarly eager to catch a glimpse of the man responsible for breathing life into a string of heroic characters during the past five decades.

    Following a very well received screening of The Man Who Haunted Himself, known to be one of his own favourites, Sir Roger Moore took the stage to the rapturous applause of the filled-to-capacity auditorium. Accompanied by his PA and biographer Gareth Owen, Sir Roger appeared at ease and comfortable with the audience who sensed they were about to embark upon a very enjoyable journey through an illustrious career. Given his professional position the rapport Gareth enjoys with Sir Roger is unsurprising. Nonetheless the interview was handled magnificently with sensitivity, humour and enthusiasm and for this Gareth is to be heartily applauded. Sir Roger imparted stories from his youth as an evacuee during World War II, as an artist and animator, a soldier, a male model and finally as a struggling extra in the British film industry. His wicked and sometimes bawdy sense of humour peppered the conversation when he mentioned for example the “short toga and long spear” he sported in a variety of costume dramas. Despite still remaining an incredibly handsome and charming man Sir Roger took every opportunity to mock himself. It is this self deprecating humour which has served him so well during his lengthy career and it took very little time for the three hundred strong audience to become completely entranced by his very genuine personality.

    Roger Moore

    Roger Moore at the premier of The Spy Who Loved Me

    Given the array of talent with whom he has been fortunate enough to work over the years Sir Roger’s skill as a mimic has been honed to perfection and the audience were treated to some remarkable impressions of, most notably, Michael Winner, Noel Coward, Michael Caine and fellow ‘Persuader’ Tony Curtis. Memories of an amusing incident during the making of The Man With The Golden Gun allowed Sir Roger to further regale us with his impersonations of Herve Villechaize and Christopher Lee who, spoofing himself in the role of Dracula, once commanded a group of bats back into a cave when they flew out toward the crew during location filming in Phuket.

    With Gareth effortlessly guiding Sir Roger every aspect of a phenomenal career was touched upon from the days of Ivanhoe and Maverick through to his duties as a UNICEF ambassador, a role for which he perhaps displays the most pride. Even his recent health problems were discussed with no small candour yet still Sir Roger joked as he related the frightening story of his collapse on stage during a performance of the Morecambe and Wise tribute production The Play What I Wrote.

    Roger Moore & Jane Seymour

    Roger Moore & Jane Seymour

    With the fascinating interview continuing longer than may have been planned Gareth quickly threw the gauntlet out into the audience for a brief question and answer session. Sir Roger fielded admirably everything from “Did you once live in a house in….(Insert location as desired!)?”, to “Who was your favourite ‘Bond girl’?” This particular question was handled with perfection when Sir Roger explained that he was too gentlemanly to name one but noted that Maud Adams had indeed appeared with him twice! An interesting question revealed that Sir Roger regards the eccentric hero Ffolkes in North Sea Hijack as one of his favourite roles. A young lad from the audience was clearly awe struck to actually be speaking to his idol when he asked, “What was your favourite gadget in the 007 films?” Sir Roger’s reply, after first ascertaining the boy’s age, was the magnetic watch he had so adeptly used to undress Madeline Smith in Live and Let Die. Other interesting anecdotes were shared with Sir Roger offering Ewan McGregor as a potential replacement for Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond after having met the Scottish actor who now works himself for UNICEF. A delightful interlude to the session occurred when an elderly gentleman sitting in the best seat in the auditorium, front row centre, suddenly got up and politely explained to Sir Roger “I’m sorry but I have to leave now.” Sir Roger immediately leapt from his seat, shook the man’s hand thanking him for coming and asked his name. The unfazed actor then led the audience in a spontaneous round of applause for the old gentleman who waved back to the crowd and left. Another example of why Sir Roger is so well regarded amongst the show-business fraternity. He really does seem to be a very, very nice bloke.

    With the evening coming to a close Sir Roger brought the house down by offering upon the request of a member of the audience one of the most beloved lines in cinema ,”The name is Bond, James Bond”. The audience rose to it’s collective feet and Sir Roger enjoyed a much deserved standing ovation. A few lucky front row attendees obtained autographs as Gareth and his ‘guvnor’ left the theatre and then they were gone. Upon leaving the auditorium there were few who were not grinning broadly. We were truly privileged to have been able to share some time with a man who deserves
    without question the mantle legend.

    To discuss this event visit this thread on the CBn Forums.

    jcharter @ 2004-10-26
  2. Octopussy Revisits The Silver Screen

    Meet James Bond’s favourite leading lady!
    Bond And Beyond presents
    a 21st Anniversary screening

    with special guests

    Maud played leading lady roles as Miss Anders, Scaramanga’s ill-fated girlfriend in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and in the title role of OCTOPUSSY

    Director of Photography on FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, OCTOPUSSY and A VIEW TO A KILL, Alan has photographed over 100 films including many of the CARRY-ONS and RETURN OF THE JEDI.

    ‘Sergie’ in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, Michael has also screen-tested for the role of Bond more times than any other actor. His last screen test was for OCTOPUSSY.

    Author of the new biography of Alan Hume, Gareth has also written the official history of Pinewood Studios in THE PINEWOOD STORY and Roger Moore’s official biography, ROGER MOORE: HIS FILMS AND CAREER.

    The evening will be hosted by

    The programme will consist of:

    • Live on-stage interviews
    • Audience Q&As
    • The film: OCTOPUSSY – back on the big screen!
    • Autographs and book signing

    The Dominion Cinema
    Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh

    Thursday, 11th November 7:30pm
    Tickets: £8.00 (luxury) £6.00 (standard)
    Book now from the Dominion Box Office
    0131 447 4771 (UK) +44 131 447 4771 (Overseas)
    For more information, e-mail: [email protected].

    jcharter @ 2004-10-21
  3. 'NEC Takes You There…' Memorabilia 2004

    From actors to sports stars there is sure to be something for everyone at "Memorabilia." Over 50 celebrities have commited to attending next month’s event at the NEC in Birmingham, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. Thirteen of those celebrities have appeared in one or more James Bond films:

    • Martine BeswickeFrom Russia With Love & Thunderball
    • Maryam D’AboThe Living Daylights
    • Eunice GaysonDr. No & From Russia With Love
    • Virginia HeyThe Living Daylights
    • Richard KielThe Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker
    • Valerie LeonThe Spy Who Loved Me & Never Say Never Again
    • Caroline MunroCasino Royale & The Spy Who Loved Me
    • Blanche RavalecMoonraker
    • Shane RimmerYou Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever & The Spy Who Loved Me
    • Madeline SmithLive and Let Die
    • Nikki van der Zyl – voiced Bond girls from 9 Bond films
    • Thomas WheatleyThe Living Daylights
    • Jan WilliamsFrom Russia With Love

    "Memorabilia" will be open from 11am until 5pm on Saturday, November 27 and from 10am until 5pm on Sunday, November 28. Tickets for "Memorabilia" range
    anywhere from £5 for children to £25 for a family ticket. Special
    tickets for early entry are available for Saturday only. Visit
    to book tickets and for a complete list of scheduled guests.

    To discuss this event visit this thread on the CBn Forums.

    jcharter @ 2004-10-18
  4. Tide of Passion

    Earlier this week my friend and colleague, Tim Roth, wrote an editorial about his feelings about the way Eon is handling (or they way Eon is not handling the rumours, as Tim might say) the latest news and rumours surrounding the aptly titled Bond 21. Little did Tim know that his editorial would cause such a stir amongst the online fan community.  In an effort to fan the flames—and because I wanted to write about my views on the matter—I present a rebuttal of sorts.

    With the exception of a few rumours around the time of Die Another Day,  Eon always seems to neglect commenting on media speculation. Eon isn’t being run much differently from the days of Cubby and Dana. There is nothing new going on here, except this time around the rumour involves the man playing the main character in their franchise—Pierce Brosnan. Even this news isn’t that shocking.  Ever since Tomorrow Never Dies there has been talk of who the next James Bond will be.  Towards the middle of Roger Moore’s tenure it was never really clear if he would be back for another.  Yet, sure enough there was Roger Moore back for “just one more.” 

    Several  hardcore fans are claiming that all this speculation with no official comment is hurting Eon Productions as well as the future of James Bond, but there is a saying in Hollywood, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” In the media, right now everyone is talking about James Bond. Sure, the news may not be great news, but it’s getting a lot of people interested—especially those that are just casual James Bond fans or those that aren’t even fans at all. I can’t see anything wrong with people showing an interest in James Bond. Certainly by the time Eon gets around to releasing Bond 21 there will be more than just the dedicated and casual fans there. There will be film fans who might have never gone to see a James Bond film. Why will they be there? Because they want to find out what all this jiggery pokery has been all about. 

    Who cares if all fans are talking about is speculation? We, the fans, aren’t in any unfamiliar territory here.  Remember when it was reported that Judi Dench wouldn’t be back as “M” following The World Is Not Enough?  Not to mention the whole re-appearance of past Bond Girls rumour that has been making the rounds every time a new film is even mentioned.  We are in the exact same situation this time as we have been in every other time a James Bond film has been in pre-production. Media agencies around the world report speculative stories and the entire fan community goes wild. Some believe the rumours and some don’t and naturally fan speculation runs rampant. Part of the fun in being a fan is reading and speculating on the latest rumours. Some fans, though, seem to want to spear Eon through the heart for not telling everyone everything they’re doing at every moment. I say calm down, sit back and enjoy the ride. Real news will be making the rounds soon enough.

    Cubby would be ashamed? No, he’d be proud. He’d be proud of his daughter and step-son for keeping his franchise alive—and extremely successful.

    Feel free to discuss this editorial in this thread in CBn’s Bond 21 forums!

    jcharter @ 2004-04-12
  5. 'Bond' in Japan

    Come Bond In Japan
    Experience the World of…
    You Only Live Twice & The Man with The Red Tattoo

    Highlights of the Tour:

  6. Dinner Event with Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki)
  7. Hosted by Author Raymond Benson & Mr. Douglas Redenius (VP. Ian Fleming Foundation)
  8. The Man with The Red Tattoo: Tsukiji Market, Shinjuku, Shibuya Area, Sapporo Beer Garden, Noboribetsu, Bear Farm, Naoshima Island
  9. You Only Live Twice (Actual filming sites): New Otani Hotel, Shinbashi & Ginza Area, TOYOTA 200GT (The only Japanese Bond Car),Kobe Seaport, Himeji Castle (Ninja Training Center), Akime Village (Filming Place)
  10. September 1-11, 2004

    From $4,999.00+tax, the price is per person based on double occupancy. (Tour price is subject to change, minimum 20 people will be required)

    Tour price includes: Coach class round trip air fare US to Japan, Hotel accommodations, daily breakfast, 3 lunch, 4 dinner, transportation listed in the itinerary English speaking guide.

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kintetsu International at 1-800-654-4090

    jcharter @ 2004-03-17
  11. Benson's "Evil Hours" Has Been Re-published

    Raymond Benson’s novel “Evil Hours” has been re-published, slightly revised, by Twenty First Century Publishers, Ltd.!

    Originally written in 1998, the book was commissioned in 2000 by PublishingOnline Inc. to be an online serial novel for their website. It was then subsequently published as an e-book and print-on-demand book. When PublishingOnline went out of business, Raymond retained the rights.

    The publishers of his latest suspense novel, “Face Blind,” recently decided to publish “Evil Hours” officially. The book is essentially the same, but Raymond felt that since he had written it earlier in his novel writing career, the text could use some tweaking.

    “Evil Hours” tells the story of one woman’s search to find the missing puzzle pieces to her mother’s gruesome murder that took place over 26 years ago.

    Signed copies of “Evil Hours” are available through Raymond Benson’s website.

    Also of interest to Raymond Benson fans — he will be appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books on April 24 & 25 at the Mystery Bookstore booth.

    jcharter @ 2004-03-05
  12. James Bond Charity Ball

    The Kirkwood Hospice in Huddersield, England will be hosting a James Bond Ball. The black tie event will be held November 29 at Bowers Mill, Barkisland and all money raised will be used to aide the Kirkwood Hospice. Guests of the James Bond Ball will be treated to live music and gambling.

    Event organizers are expecting 200 guests and tickets are still available for £40. Anyone wanting more information should contact Joanne Gledhill at 01484 557911.

    The Kirkwood Hospice offers voluntary medical care to those with life threatening illnesses.

    jcharter @ 2003-11-20
  13. SpikeTV's Thanksgiving Marathon

    SpikeTV is getting set to air the He Spies/She Spies Bond Movie Marathon this Thanksgiving. Beginning Wednesday,
    November 26, the four day marathon will be hosted by the stars of “She Spies” and will include two new SpikeTV premiers;
    “The World Is Not Enough” and “The Living Daylights.”

    The marathon will also include trivia, contests, and insight on the Bond films by “She Spies” stars, Natasha Henstridge, Kristen
    Miller, and Natashia Williams.

    Each day of the marathon will feature a different theme. Thursday is “The Bond Sampler” which will feature one film from each
    actor to portray James Bond.; Friday is “Connery Friday” which will feature only the Bond films made by Sean Connery; and
    Saturday and Sunday will be “Moore Weekend” which will feature the Bond films starring Roger Moore.

    Here’s a look at SpikeTV’s Bond Marathon schedule:

    Wednesday, November 26

    8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT – THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH

    11:00 PM-1:30 AM, ET/PT – DR. NO

    Thursday, November 27


    12:30-3:00 PM, ET/PT – FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE



    9:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT – THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS

    Midnight-3:00 AM, ET/PT – OCTOPUSSY

    Friday, November 28

    9:00-11:30AM, ET/PT – DR. NO

    11:30 AM-2:00 PM, ET/PT – GOLDFINGER

    2:00-5:00 PM, ET/PT – YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE



    11:00 PM-2:00 AM, ET/PT – THUNDERBALL

    Saturday, November 29

    1:00-4:00 PM, ET/PT – LIVE AND LET DIE


    7:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT – THE SPY WHO LOVED ME

    Midnight-3:00 AM, ET/PT – LIVE AND LET DIE

    Sunday, November 30

    1:00-4:00 PM, ET/PT – MOONRAKER

    4:00-7:00 PM, ET/PT – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

    8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT – OCTOPUSSY

    11:00 PM-2:00 AM, ET/PT – THE SPY WHO LOVED ME

    jcharter @ 2003-11-17
  14. Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Awarded

    The winner of the Crime Writers’ Association’s Ian Fleming Steel Dagger was announced on Thursday, November 13. Dan Fesperman, the second author to receive the newly created award, won for his novel World War II war crime novel “The Small Boat of Great Sorrows.” Fesperman receives £2000 (approx. $3,375.00) as well as the award.

    Other novels up for consideration were: “Presuader” by Lee Child, “Candlemoth” by Roger John Ellory, The Nightspinners” by Lucretia Grindle, “Traitor’s Kiss” by Gerald Seymour, “Empire State” by Henry Porter and “The Company” by Robert Little.

    For more information about Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, visit the Crime Writers’ Association website.

    jcharter @ 2003-11-15
  15. Blackman To Host UK Art Show

    Former Bond girl, Honor Blackman, is set to host a VIP night a The Harlequin shopping
    center gallery art show this December.

    Organizers of the event are asking that guests pay £15 for a small, specially created
    artwork which may or may not be painted by a well known artist.

    The evening, Postcards for the Palace, is in aid of the Palace Theatre Appeal. Money raised by the Palace Theatre Appeal will be used to refurbish the Palace Theatre Watford.

    jcharter @ 2003-11-15