1. Four Tet on the Quantum of Solace closing theme: Crawl, End Crawl

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-02-01

    As first reported on way back in late 2008, Quantum of Solace became the first James Bond film since Tomorrow Never Dies to feature an original end-title theme.

    Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden)

    Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden)

    Composed by David Arnold and Four Tet (also known as UK electronic musician Kieran Hebden), the track, entitled ‘Crawl, End Crawl, was described by Hebden as ‘kind of remix of stuff from the score of the film’.

    In a just released interview with New York Magazine, Hebden goes into the origins of this original 007 track a little further. He states: ‘They contacted me and I went and met David Arnold, and he played me the all the multitracks from the sessions, and I just took away whatever sounds I wanted. I think I had, like, a day to make this piece of music—the deadline was really tight.’

    ‘A week later it was on at the premiere,’ he continues. ‘It was a little bit weird for me because the kind of melodies and riffs they use in the James Bond music is so different from what I’d normally use. You just couldn’t get away from the James Bond–ness of it. It was just, like, there, in every little string sound I was given. But I guess that’s the point in some ways.’

    Click here for the complete interview.

    While not included on the official Quantum of Solace soundtrack, Bond fans can purchase ‘Crawl, End Crawl’ from the Apple iTunes store.

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