1. Quantum of Solace Game Walkthrough (PS2) – Barge (10)

    By Guest writer on 2010-01-14

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation 2 platform.

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    Quantum of Solace: The Game (PS2)

    Mission 10: Barge

    Walkthrough by: CBn Forum member Jaws0178

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    1. Once you have regained control of Bond, immediately use the crates to your left for cover because you will find yourself in the middle of a firefight. There are four tangoes in this section waiting for you. There are also two gasoline canisters that you can blow up. Use these to your advantage. Once you have taken out the four, gather up their ammo, and run along the side where the fourth tango came from. Go through the door to reach the next checkpoint.

    2. Once through the door, you will find yourself in the barge. Run along to the open doorway, and use the side of the door as cover. You’ll hear a hatch open and a tango will come walking toward the door. Take him out and get his gun. It is a Hutchinson A4 shotgun. Now, run to the next wall and use it for cover. There is a second tango on the other side of the room. Shoot at the fire extinguisher beside the hatch to blind him. Once he is blinded, you can take him out at your leisure. Once you have dealt with him, get his gun, and leave through the hatch. Head for the wall past the opening. Once there, if you look out, you will see an oil drum with a starburst. Shoot at it and it will fall over spilling oil. After that an explosion will occur. There will still be a couple of tangos to deal with, but once they are gone, move along to the other end and through the door. At the other end of this new hallway, you will find our old friend, the hacking station. The combination is four digits, and you have nineteen seconds to solve it.

    3. Once you have solved the hack, go through the door. You will find yourself outside at the stern of the barge. Once you get outside, you will get a quick cutscene involving a giant cargo trailer. Once you get control, look up, and you will see a giant starburst above the crane. Shoot at it to cause the trailer to fall. Once this is done, keep moving along the edge. You can either turn left and go into the little passageway or keep sneaking along straight to the steps. Take out the tango guarding the stern, and carefully keep moving along. Grab the R-68 that the tango on the walkway dropped, and be ready because there will be two other tangos coming from the other side of the trailer. Take them down, and continue on, making sure to get their guns. Make your way through the hatch to get a cutscene where you see Kratt leading Vesper along. Once you get control again, move along the walkway. Grab some cover as quick as you can because there will be two tangos patrolling on the other side. Take them out quickly (the Hutchinson does really well here), and move along to the other side. Grab the guns, and get to the hatch. Open the hatch and find the release lever that Tanner is talking about, (it’s on the right hand side). Pull the lever and go out the way you came in. There will be two tangos, one of them is on the walkway, the other will be running up the gantry you just opened. Take them out, and go down the gantry. Now, there are two ways you can go, you can either go behind the gantry and through the hatch or go around the long way, and through the other side. Either way takes you to the same place, behind the levers. There are two tangos in this area, take them out, and go around. You will see a wheel with a starburst on it. Turn this wheel to cut the steam to the small overhead pipes. Now this next section has given many people headaches, myself included. According to the game, you are supposed to use both wheels to get the steam that is blocking the door to stop. Now, basically, here is what you do: you will notice three speedometers (only thing I can think of). The one in the middle has a small section that is green. What you do is get the arrow in the section that is green. Once you’ve got it, move along to the next area. Go through the door where the steam was.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    4. Once through, you will find two tangos. My recommendation is to use the Hutchinson to take them out using the chainlink as cover on the far left side. Once they are gone, get their guns, and go through to the next section. Use the side of the door for cover or you can take cover in front of the shelf to the right of the door. Whichever you do, there will be three tangos in the next room. Take them out and collect their weapons. One of them drops an LTK Super Magnum. Go through the opening on the left, and reload. After you have reloaded, go through the hatch and use the right wall as cover as you approach the opening. There are two tangos here, one of them is standing oblivious, the other is hiding in an alcove on the right with an electric box. Shoot the electric box for a “shocking, positively shocking” moment, (sorry, couldn’t resist.) Once they are gone, run to the other side through the opening, and turn right. Go through the next hatch.

    5. Use the wall on the right for cover, and approach the opening along this wall. Take out the one tango here, and go through the hatch. Go through the next opening, which will give you a cutscene of Kratt and Vesper again. Once you have control, take out the two tangos that are jumping around. Go through the hatch and down the stairs. Head through the hatch on the left hand side. Go through the hatch next to the sign for the cargo hold (anyone who has seen the movie knows what is about to happen, albeit kind of watered down.) Once you have control again, go through the left hatch. You will not come up against any tangos for the next hallway and room, so run straight through until you get to the hatch. Halfway through the second room where the hatch is, you will come to a new checkpoint.

    6. Run up to the hatch. Once you get control of Bond again, use the crate in front of you for cover. Now, for this section, you have to shoot the taps that have the starbursts on them. As you shoot one, another starburst will pop up. As you are shooting, also be on the lookout for the tangos, and try to shoot at Kratt whenever possible. Once you have gotten past the two sets of steps, take cover at the doorjamb of the next hatch. There are two tangos here, one of them is behind the box across from the hatch that you are at, the other is to the left, on the other side of the chain fence. Once they have been dealt with, go to the other side, where you will see that the corridor is on fire. There is a starburst on the overhead pipe above the fire. Shoot at this pipe to release a stream of water, dousing the fire and allowing you to continue. Use the jamb on the left hand door for cover. Kratt is underneath the landing to the left of the engine. Shoot at him enough and he will run up the stairs. Once you get to the hatch on the right, two more tangos will come running around the corner. Once you have taken out the two, run to the right and use the boxes you find there for cover because two more tangos will come running down the stairs, and one of them carries a Hutchinson A4 shotgun. Now, once you have made your way upstairs there are two tangos waiting for you. One is carrying a A4. Now, Kratt will run through a door and into another section across the way. To defeat him, you have to shoot at the wheels on the pipes. While you are doing this, watch out for tangos coming up the stairs. They are all armed with Hutchinson A4’s. Once you have shot all of the starbursts, Kratt will be dazed. Start shooting at him to get a cutscene and end the level. Congratulations and this ends the flashback levels. On to the Eco Hotel.

    Mission Complete.

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