1. Quantum of Solace Game Walkthrough (PS2) – Science Center (8)

    By Guest writer on 2009-12-13

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation 2 platform.

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    Quantum of Solace: The Game (PS2)

    Mission 8: Science Center

    Walkthrough by: CBn Forum member Jaws0178

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    1. Welcome to Miami, Mr. Bond. When you get control of 007, run up to the doorman, who will tell you that the Science Center is closed. However, the two men who are hanging around the place tell you a different story. Run past the guy leaning against the wall on the right of the door, and you will see a set of stairs leading down to a side door with a hacking station. The combination is five digits, and you have 27 seconds to complete it in. Once it is done, open the door, and either quietly walk up behind or crouch and approach the guard standing just inside the door. He will give you an enemy earpiece and an SAF-5 (SD).

    2. Once you have them, duck and move along through the next room and go through the door. Use the boxes for cover, and get ready for your first firefight. There are three guards, two stationary and one roving. Take them out, collect their weapons, and take one of the two available exits, both of which I will describe now.

    2a. The combination is three digits, and you have 18 seconds to crack it. Once you have cracked it, open the door, and go up the stairs to your right to find a padlocked door. Unlock (or shoot) the lock and open the door to find yourself outside in an alley. There is a guard standing just outside a fence that you can either kill or subdue, your choice. Grab the first guards weapon which is a CR-1911. When the second guard noticed that the first is missing, he will come investigate. Take him out as well.

    2b.Move up the incline near the end of the room to another switch to open the gate. Use it, and you will find yourself outside in front of an eighteen wheeler with an open trailer. Climb into it, and use the side for cover. Move along the trailer to the open side door. There are two guards, one who is patrolling. The other guard is standing by a fence behind two yellow boxes. Either one you choose takes you to the same place, so it really does not matter.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    3. Move to the other side of the truck to the forklift. Try to use the forklift, and you will find out you need the key to use it. The key is in the office at the far right. Watch out for the set of three cameras. I would recommend using the cars as cover. Also, there are two stationary guards in front of the fence. More about that later. There is a hacking station outside of the office where the key is located. The combination is four digits and you have 20 seconds to get it in. Once that is done, grab the key and leave the room. Head toward the forklift, and use it. This time, it will take out the aforementioned guards if you did not get discovered by them. It will also bust through the fence they were guarding. Go through the fence and you will notice an ammo box in the corner opposite the crashed forklift with ammo for your SMG. Once you have got the ammo, look up at the fire escape and you will notice a starburst. Shoot at it to bring down the ladder. Climb onto the fire escape, and climb up to the roof. There you will get into a firefight with three stationary guards. Take them out and you will get a V-TAK 31 (SD). Hack the door on your right before you go on to find an R68. The combination is six digits and you have 29 seconds to complete it. Once you have the gun, go back out and climb the stairs to the top. Once there, climb the ladder on the left. Once you get there, turn right and vault over the low wall, and then you can either shoot the vent cover or run up to it, and press X to beat it. Either way, run up to it and press triangle to move on.

    4. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in the electrical section of the museum. Crouch and go through the door at the end on your left. Quickly subdue the guard standing by the stairs, and move down to stairs. At the very bottom, there are two guards standing by the door you need to go through. Now, you can either just kill them straight out, or you can shoot the fire extinguisher they are standing by, run up to them, and knock them out. Once you have done either, go through the door to find yourself in a room with two full walkways and an incomplete one. In the middle walkway is a stationary guard, and there is also a patrolling guard. If you get discovered, a third guard comes into the room, but if you are careful, the two will be all you’ll have to contend with. Take these two (or three) out, and go through the door. Now you find yourself in a clear area. Take this time to reload all of your weapons if you have not, and save the at checkpoint. Once all this is done, move along the walkway, and through the next door. Here there are three guards, one patrolling the right side, and two stationary, one in the middle, and one standing on the left side. Take them out, and go through the door down at the end of the left walkway. Now this next room has two guards, one patrolling on the left side, and one stationary on your right. The patrolling guard walks toward the other one. It also has a beam that you will have to shimmy across to get to the other side. Once there, get the weapons that the two clumsy guards dropped, and go downstairs.

    5. Okay, you have now made it to the gantries of the museum. Go forward until you trigger a cutscene. Once you have control of Bond again, immediately use the box you have jumped across for cover, and shoot at the electrical box for a “electric” result. Once this is done, sneak forward and use the cart to send it flying down the stairs. This will not kill the two guards that are down there, so do that the old fashioned way. Gather up the weapons left behind, and go through the door marked “Exit”.

    6. You will now find yourself in a winding staircase. As you go down, you will encounter guards. Best advice I can give you is use the bannister as cover, and take them out quickly. There is a total of four guards. Once you get to the very bottom, go through the door on your right.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    7. You have made it to the basement of the museum. Use the box for cover because a patrolling guard will be coming along very soon. Take him out, and run to the side opposite where you came in. Use the switch to open the gate, and use the pallet on the right side for cover because there are two guards who are gunning for you. Once they are gone, go to the next switch and open that gate. You are now on the bottom part of an L shaped hallway. Around the corner are three guards (the third one comes out when you switch cover to the blue tarp. Once they have been dispatched, you can either move on or duck into the
    room where the guards came out of on the right. If you do, go through the blue door at the end of it, and grab some cover, because there are three guards in here. I would not recommend using the shelf just inside the door for cover because it does not provide sufficient cover. Use the shelves across from it, and only use it if absolutely necessary. Once you have gotten them and the ammo, go back the way you came, and use the switch to open the gate. This is another cleared spot, so reload, and save here, and use the switch to open the next gate.

    8. Okay, we are now in a big square corridor. In the middle is the Security Center. That is your next target. There are three guards here, two are outside of the Security Center, and the other one is inside. Take them all out, and move on. Go to the side opposite where you came in, and jump in through a window, breaking it first if necessary. It is recommended to unlock the door that is in the back room. Now, once you have done so (if you indeed did), go into the security office front room, and use the computer console with the starburst.

    9. Dimitrios knows you are there. First thing when you get control is grab some cover. There are two guards who have come out of the elevator after you. Take them out, and go around the security center, grabbing weapons as you go. Get into the elevator and use it to end the section.

    10. Once the elevator has stopped, move forward to trigger a cutscene. Once you have control again, get some cover. Gunmen will be coming through both doors. Take them out, however, your target is the steel cables that are holding the exhibit up above Dimitrios head. They are in the walls along the two hallways. Take them all four out.

    11. Once you get control back, get to some cover. Take out the gunmen and get down the stairs. Make sure you save when it says checkpoint because this is a boss fight.

    12. Now, I can not really explain the Boss fight very well, except to tell you this. Use cover very well, only risk shooting at Dimitrios if you have a good shot because he wields a powerful gun, and is not afraid to use it. Once he is down, run up to him and press triangle to start a “button battle”. Be patient, and you will get it done fairly easily. Once you have completed the button battle, it will go into a cutscene, and you are done. Onto Casino Royale.

    Mission Complete.

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