1. Sir Roger Moore named PETA Person of the Year

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-11-19

    Sir Roger Moore has been named person of the year by an animal charity for his public campaign against foie gras.

    Sir Roger Moore

    Sir Roger Moore in 2007

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said it was honouring the 82-year-old Bond actor for his “vigorous support in exposing the ‘rather ugly’ conditions in which ducks and geese suffer”.

    Sir Roger has narrated films highlighting the cruelty in its production, fronted poster campaigns and has also written to every member of the House of Commons asking them to ban its sale in the UK.

    On receiving the award, Sir Roger said: “I am deeply touched and thrilled to be awarded the Peta UK person of the year.

    “When I first saw their video footage on foie gras production three years ago, I felt compelled to do something to help put a stop to this cruel delicacy.”

    He added: “I have since become a passionate campaigner against foie gras, and am most humbled that my passion has helped make a positive difference in the lives of these animals.”

    Although it is illegal to produce foie gras in Britain, it is still legal to sell it – an anomaly which led Sir Roger into a public battle with department store Selfridges.

    Earlier this month the actor paid for a poster to be placed directly outside the shop’s Food Hall which showed him holding a sign reading: “Force-Feeding Birds Is Cruel, Not Yule”.

    A Selfridges spokesman confirmed on Wednesday it no longer stocks foie gras.

    Previous Peta person of the year winners include fashion designer Stella McCartney and X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

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