1. Sir Roger Moore's PETA foie gras campaign a success

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-11-17

    Earlier this month, reported that former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore had aligned with PETA UK to protest against the sale of foie gras as Selfridges markets.

    In a new press release today, the campaign has been declared a success, with Selfridges finally announcing that they will stop stocking the product.

    The PETA release follows below:

    Sir Roger Moore’s Campaign Proves Successful As Selfridges Drops Foie Gras

    Sir Roger Moore

    Sir Roger Moore

    Two years ago, PETA UK began urging Selfridges to drop foie gras from its shelves so that it would stop contributing to the fatal force-feeding of ducks and geese. PETA UK and its supporters dauntlessly demonstrated, sent more than 5,000 e-mails to Selfridges, and placed thousands of phone calls to the retailer. We are thrilled to announce that all this hard work has paid off: Selfridges has pledged to stop selling foie gras forever.

    The splendid news comes from Sir Roger Moore, PETA UK’s committed celebrity spokesperson, who received the call directly from Selfridges. Moore’s unwavering dedication, along with the inspiring passion of PETA UK’s campaigners, attracted endless attention on television, in newspapers, and around the Internet—wherever you turned, PETA UK was there, spreading the message to give up foie gras.

    This towering triumph is proof that every e-mail, phone call, and letter matters. Please help spread the success by writing to managers of local restaurants that still sell the vile food. Alert them to the gross cruelty behind foie gras, and ask them to remove it from their menus.

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