1. Shirley Bassey's No Good About Goodbye sparks Solace comparisons

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-11-10

    With Dame Shirley Bassey’s brand new album The Performance being released in the UK this week, many fans are getting their first listen to the combined talents of current James Bond composer David Arnold (who produced the album) and the three-time 007 title theme performer.

    David Arnold

    James Bond composer and The Performance producer David Arnold

    One such song, No Good About Goodbye, is even sparking several comparisons to what possibly/could/might/just may be a rejected Quantum of Solace title theme from Arnold and lyricist Don Black.

    Of particular notice is a five-note introduction melody that is rather similar to Arnold’s output in last year’s Quantum score as well as the inclusion of the word ‘solace’ in the lyrics.

    What do you think? Listen here on YouTube.

    When Black was asked about the more recent James Bond title themes around this time last year, he stated: ‘They’re not about being seductive or provocative, with that whiff of the boudoir about them. They’re also not as lyrically led. I’m all for the music that makes you think of menace and drama, of spiders running across the pillow. And personally, I’d get Shirley Bassey to sing them all.’

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