1. Another James Bond theme for Shirley Bassey? Never say never…

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-23

    Welsh superstar and three-time 007 theme song performer Shirley Bassey held a grand reception at The Ritz in London earlier this week to preview her eagerly-anticipated new album, The Performance.

    Produced by current James Bond composer David Arnold, The Performance features songs penned by Manic Street Preachers, the Pet Shop Boys, Gary Barlow, KT Tunstall and Richard Hawley.

    The album, due out on 9 November, also marks the reunion of Bassey with longtime Bond regulars John Barry and Don Black, who last collaborated together in 1971 for Diamonds are Forever.

    As probably all Bond fans are aware, Bassey holds the record for the most 007 title tunes with Goldfinger, Diamonds and Moonraker. The Times was curious to see if she was at all interested in adding a fourth song to that list and posed the question to her at the London event.

    ‘Of course,’ she responded. ‘After doing three, why not do one more? But it’s not my choice, it’s up to the producers and composers, sadly.’

    Arnold, who was nearby, added in: ‘It depends on the storyline. James Bond isn’t about nostalgia, it’s about the present and future. But trust me, if the the song is right for her, then it would be incredible to have her sing. Never say never.’

    In any event, Bassey looks to keep quite busy in the weeks ahead as the album’s release nears. Paul Williams, Music Week magazine editor, commented: ‘She could be on the verge of a very big comeback indeed.’

    ‘Shirley Bassey is a truly iconic artist and one of the most successful British female singers of all time, but this new album gives her the potential of achieving the kind of commercial success she has not enjoyed in years.’

    ‘A truly remarkable cast list of songwriters has been gathered for it, from the likes of John Barry and Don Black, who have been behind her past signature songs like Diamonds Are Forever, to more contemporary names including Barlow and Wainwright.’

    ‘These great songwriters have brought out the best in Bassey’s voice and it all adds up to both a contemporary and classic-sounding album, which, if it gets the right exposure, will appeal to her long-term fan base and could well deliver many new fans as well.’

    ‘Given the number one record company, Universal, is behind this project, there is no doubt all the stops will be pulled out to make it a success and I know they are lining up some great promotion for her, including TV, to ensure word gets out about the album.’

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