1. Quantum of Solace Game Walkthrough (PS2) – Opera House (4)

    By Guest writer on 2009-10-23

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation 2 platform.

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    Quantum of Solace: The Game (PS2)

    Mission 4: Opera House

    Walkthrough by: CBn Forum member Jaws0178

    1. To start with, as soon as you get control of James Bond, crouch or slowly jog up behind the first baddie. If you run up behind him, he will hear you. Once you have gotten the earwig that he so graciously donates to your cause, grab his gun, you will notice a pillar and a piece of machinery behind it. You can do this next bit a couple of ways. Either you can either use the steel around the pillar for cover, or you can use the piece of machinery for cover. The important thing to using the steel however, is that as soon as you shoot the box hanging on the crane, immediately dive to your left where the machinery is. If you look out the window which will be behind you, you will notice said box. When you shoot the box, the two villains will go to investigate, at which point you can run to the door on the far left. Be warned however, it takes them a couple of seconds to investigate, so don’t go running out as soon as you have shot the box.

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    2. Once you get outside, you will notice a henchman walking up the stairs. Make sure you are still crouched and follow him. You can either subdue him, or shoot him, personally it is more fun to subdue him. Climb the steps and you will hear audio feedback. Run to the container with the blue tarp to your left, the reason being that there is a hostile coming to investigate the noise. Sneak to the left edge of the container and, using the triangle button, turn to next edge of the container. Once the hostile has turned the malfunctioning amp off, look out and shoot him in the head. [Tip from Blonde Bond at the Discussion Forums: On the opera level you can dispatch two enemies using the console. There should automatically be a high pitch sound coming out of the speakers and the first guard should come to check the console. Take him out, then press the console yourself, hide behind the boxes and take care of the second goon. Then move up the stairs crouching and use the smoke machine. The guards shouldn’t be facing you when you do this. While there’s smoke, just use it as your cover and sneak to the ladders.] I have done this one myself and can tell you it works.

    3. Now, if you do not use the tip above, or just want to do it a different way, you are going to have to backtrack a little bit. Go back to where you dispatched the first outside guard, look to the left of the way you came (to the left of the stairs leading down) and you will notice another set of stairs leading up to an incline. Take these stairs and walk up to the incline.

    4. When you reach the aforementioned incline, Tanner will warn you about the surveillance cameras. To the right of the first camera on the wall, there is a hacking station. Hack the cameras as normal. It is five digits, and you have 24 seconds in which to do it. (Remember, you are after the green arrows, not the red ones). Once you have successfully hacked the cameras, you can eliminate the guard that is standing there. Remember not to make your presence known.

    5. Now, once you have dealt with the guard, stand where he was, and you will notice a little white “starburst” on a spotlight machine. Walk up to it, and Tanner will tell you not to be too loud. Press the X button, and immediately turn around, and run to the boxes on your right (they are right next to the machine you pressed). Use the boxes for cover while the henchman investigates. Once he has turned it off, he will look around for a few seconds and then he will start to walk back to his previous position. Now is your chance. Remember to remain crouched down (something I have learned playing this game is that when the objectives say “stealth”, it is a pretty good idea to remain crouched). Once he has been taken care of, you have two choices, you can either use the boxes and score another kill, or you can run across the way toward the stage and continue the mission. As long as you are crouched, you do not have to kill him. It is your choice.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    6. Now, whichever one you choose, you will be winding up on the stage. Run across it to the ladder on the far right side. Climb up one ladder and you will come to a landing with another ladder to your left. Climb this ladder and you will hear a voice making a report. When you get to the top, you will notice that he has his back to you. Use this opportunity to sneak up behind him and subdue him. Once you have done this, continue on to your right til you get to the control room wall. (The building with the door in front of you). About halfway down the wall, go into cover mode. If you look out towards the boxes, you will notice three cans of paint sitting on top of a box. Shoot at the paint cans to attract the attention of the guard in the control room. Make sure he can not see you when he comes out. You can either subdue him, or straight out kill him. As usual, it is more fun to subdue him. Run into the now vacated control room, and you will see a box to your left with a rifle inside of it and also a door with a lock on the other side. The door leads to the stage. You can either shoot it or run up to it and press the X button. It is not required for the door to be open, but it is a nice thing to do just in case. Once you have done this, walk up to the bank of monitors, and press the X button.

    7. You have been discovered. You can pretty much throw stealth out the window now. Use the boxes in front of you for cover because across the way from you there are men with rifles, looking to take you out. Here’s how it works, from where you are now, there are two men in the tower where the spotlight is coming from. On the far left where you came up the ladders there are two more men. Coming from behind the control room is another man, with a machine gun. I would recommend taking out the two snipers on the right first though since you are there anyway. Once they are gone, run across to the other side, taking out the hostile with the machine gun along the way (you have to shoot him for the fourth sniper to appear, and you also have to shoot the two on the left tower for the fifth sniper to appear). They are located on the top where the spotlights are, and also on the landing below (the fifth sniper is also on the second landing). Once you have taken the snipers out, run along the opposite way to reach a second ladder.

    8. Once you get to the bottom of the ladder, because the hostiles have dropped the stage, you can not get out the way you came in. Use the box in front of you as cover, and take out the hostiles that are coming your way (there should be four of them). Once they have been dealt with, move along to the left until you reach an opening. There is a box in front of this opening. Use it for cover. Once the hostiles are gone (be warned, at least two of them throw grenades) and if you have followed step three of this walkthrough, this area should seem familiar to you.

    9. In this area, past the first box, cover is very scarce until you get to the other box at the turning point on the ramp. Also, be aware that once you get up against the box, you can not use the right edge of the box to break cover because if you try to do so, it will treat the railway as cover as well, and you will get owned. Once you have defeated the enemies run directly to the box below the second set of stairs. Use the box as cover as another goon comes running. Take this goon out. There are a few more goons in this area. Once they have all been dispatched, you have a direct path to the double doors ahead and to the right. The doors lead to an area under the stage with another set of double doors with a green light above it. Go through the doors. I would recommend reloading everything before continuing on from here, cause you ain’t done yet. Once you are through the doors, you will find a set of steps. At the bottom of them is a door, and a hacking station. It is three digits and you have 17 seconds to figure it out.

    10. Once you are through the doors, you will be on the docks. Walking around the docks triggers a cutscene where three baddies on a boat are looking for you. Once you have control of Bond again, find some cover, and use it. Shoot at the red fuel tank across the dock from you. It will explode with satisfying results. Once it has blown, continue using the boxes as cover, moving along the docks. Three more bad guys are going to appear from the other end. As long as you use cover, you can dispatch them easily. Now you are going to have to break cover once you have reached the set of black boxes about halfway down the docks to get the next set of boxes. Now, sometimes there is a goon in the boathouse, it depends on how fast you get there. Sometimes he will come out to get you. Turn left at the boathouse and you will see a gate. Open this and immediately dive for the two metal footlockers to the left before the second gate. You will meet with some resistance here. You will notice a big box at the end with the little “Gee, let me think” starburst. Fire at it with your SMG to bring it crashing down. Be warned as well, some of the opposition will toss grenades. Once they are all dealt with, climb up the stairs and down the walkway to end the level.

    Mission Complete.

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