1. Quantum of Solace Game Walkthrough (PS2) – Haitian Docks (3)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-10-07

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Playstation 2 platform.

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    Quantum of Solace: The Game (PS2)

    Mission 3: Haitian Docks

    Walkthrough by: CBn Forum member Jaws0178

    1. Crouch and sneak past the secretary (Warning: if you do not crouch or you take too long, she will see you and your mission will fail). Once you have snuck past her, go right after the chainlink fence and take the door on the left.

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    2. As soon as you have control of James Bond, use the wall in front of you as cover. You will notice in the distance a wooden box hanging in front of the barn. Shoot at this box, and the patrolling guard will go investigate. Once he has done this, while still using cover, move to the end where the ladder is. Once you are there, ascend the ladder. Remember to remain crouched and use the wall underneath the windows as cover. If you use the wall as cover, you do not have to worry about waiting until the guard is not watching.

    3. Once you have vaulted into the window that brings up the next check point, use the wall beside the door as cover and open the door. You are going to have to work fast because there is an alarm box on the eastern wall. Wait until the guard walks to the window, and shoot at the fire extinguisher that will be between them. I do not recommend shooting blindly because nine times out of ten, you are going to miss. As soon as the fire extinguisher blows, run in and shoot both guards. Once you have shot them, exit out of the double doors to their left.

    4. Once the cut scene has ended, crouch and run to the door. Do not run through the door. There is a security camera that will be facing you. Use the wall as cover and watch the camera as it rotates. When it is not looking, run to your right to the end of the walkway. There will be a hacking station right in front of you and a set of stairs to your left. Hack the camera. It is four digits and you have twenty four seconds to complete it. Once you have successfully hacked it, turn around and you will see an exhaust fan with a red starburst on it. Fire at this fan and it will fall on to the two guards. Warning: do not shoot the fan before you hack the camera or the camera will see the fan fall. Once the two guards are out of the way, descend the stairs and go through the door across from you.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    5. This next area involves you going from cover to cover. Make sure, as usual, you use the cover system. While crouched, and in cover, move to the left until you reach the end of the barrels and watch the guard on the other side of the chain link fence. There is an alarm panel to his left so make sure he does not see you. He is a standard patrolling guard who walks basically in a square. Once he turns right to begin his patrol, jump to the next cover. Repeat this action until you have reached the barrels by the fence and then come to a stop. The guard should have by now completed his patrol and come back. If he has not, move to the barrels on your left and use the cover of the building to get to the pipe. Climb the pipe and it will go into a cut scene.

    6. Now, you can pretty much toss stealth out the window. As soon as you get control of Bond, duck into cover behind the box directly in front of you. Warning: The box will not hold. If you look straight ahead and to the right, you will see a propane tank at the other end of the room. Fire at the tank with satisfying results. Once you have dealt with the opposition, run towards the shack at the end to the left. A cut scene occurs where you and Camille are informally introduced.

    7. Once you have regained control, you will noticed that Camille has run off. Exit out of the shack, and turn right at the end of the dock. About halfway, you will notice a door. Open this door and go through it. You get a quick break because there are no enemies in this room (on Operative and Agent modes). Once you are ready, go out the door and immediately turn right. You will see a large box. Use it for cover. If you look around, you will find that you have come out on the other side of the chainlink fence that was in part 5. Once you have dealt with the opposition, move forward cautiously. Now, here you have two choices. You can either run to the board that makes a covering spot, vault over it, and immediately vault back, using the board as cover, or alternately, you can run or crouch run to the far left side where there is a boat leaning up against some boxes. I recommend the latter for the simple fact that it is difficult to vault back across the board and use it for cover However, it is your choice. The same thing happens. Two more bad guys come out of the door. Once you have assisted them in their journey from this world, make your way to the door that they vacated.

    8. Now, as soon as you open this door, there is a guard waiting for you on the other side of the room, so I would recommend using the wall next to the door for cover. He will run as soon as you open that door as well, however, he won’t go far. Dispatch him and his partner at your leisure. Now, coming up is what I consider to be the most enjoyable “Bond Brain Scenario”. You will notice that you are in a room full of shelves. If you look at the second set of shelves, you will notice a connecting rod that goes from the shelf to the support. It has everyone’s favorite starburst that tells you “Shoot me!” Well, don’t just sit there, help the shelf fulfill its destiny to help James Bond. Oh, admit it, you’re jealous. There should be one more henchman for you to take care of. Once you have dispatched him, gather the weapons, and head for the door.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    9. Now, here you have a choice. There are three snipers. One is on the balcony of the garage right in front of you. (You will be entering the section from step 2), and there are two more snipers on the top of the building to your right (this would be the building where you climbed the ladder.) Your choice is this: either open the door, aim at the balcony, and send the goon to… well, you know, or you can use the right side of the door for cover, open the door and do pretty much the same. It’s your call, I have done both. The two snipers on the walkway are easy to dispatch. There is a giant fuel tank that you can make go boom. However, do not think you are done with just those three. You’ll have more company. They are coming from the left side out of the fence beside the garage. Dispatch them, and run to the staircase. Run up the staircase and use the fence for cover. I know that sounds crazy. There is a propane tank on your left. When you duck out, two guards will come running out; one left and one right. Fire at the propane tank, and it takes the one on the left out, leaving your odds at a better point. Once they are gone, run into the door that they came out of. Bear left down the ramp. Now, before you get to the door, use the wall for cover and crouch. Sneak to the end of the way. Try not to be seen because there is one goon standing behind a box across and kind of to the left of you. There is also a goon with a rifle on the balcony, and another fine example of humanity directly below the sniper. If you do happen to get spotted, it is okay. Now, you will notice a motor hanging on a rope. If you fire at it, it will fall. Once you have taken care of the three misguided mercs, climb the ladder that is across and to the right of you. Once you get to the edge, you will have to move across the ceiling with the assistance of a beam on the roof. Once you reach the other side (which coincidentally, is the balcony) step outside. You will be treated to a cut scene which proves why 007 is way cooler than that Bourne guy. What was his name again?

    10. You will find yourself at another one of those “rest areas” as I like to call them. This particular “rest area” extends all the way to the bottom of the staircase. You get the new Checkpoint at the bottom, so I would save there. When you are ready, open the door in front of you . Be sure you are crouched, and move forward, using the boxes directly in front of you as cover. There are boxes and a boat in this room. The goons will use both, so be careful. There is also a small tank in here between the boat and the boxes on the left. It will take out anyone on the left hand side. Just FYI. Dispatch of these “gentlemen”. There are I believe five or six of them that come in. Once your company have departed, gather up their weapons, and move to the door.

    11. Using the left side of the door as cover, peek your head out. You will see that you have made it to the section from step 1 of this walkthrough. Know what that means? You are almost done. Two more rooms to go. Use the boxes in front of you as cover and dispatch of any arch villains. Once they are gone, sneak to the end of the wall where the fence is from the room that you started at. One more goon awaits you there. Once he is gone, run for the door where you are treated to a cut scene, and you are done!

    Mission Complete.

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