1. Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman: ringing in the Rain

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-28

    Quick word of advice: don’t bring your cellphone to Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman’s current Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

    During a recent preview performance of the play at Manhattan’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, both the James Bond and X-Men stars confronted an audience member when their ringing cellphone disrupted the performance on two separate occasions.

    In the first instance, Jackman, remaining in character as a Chicago policeman, turned to the audience and said: ‘You want to get that?’. Despite some cheering from the audience, the phone continues to ring and Jackman added: ‘Come on, just turn it off.’

    ‘We can wait, just get the phone,’ Craig adds a bit later when the ringing resumes.

    To catch the moment on video, visit this YouTube link.

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