1. Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman go incognito for A Steady Rain research trip

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-07-30

    As regular readers are well aware, James Bond star Daniel Craig will be making his Broadway debut this upcoming September alongside Hugh Jackman in the Keith Huff drama A Steady Rain.

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    A Steady Rain tells of two seasoned cops whose lifelong friendship is severely tested when a seemingly routine domestic disturbance call results in the death of a young boy. When the horrific truth of the situation is revealed, one of the two must take the blame for the fatal mistake.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, Craig and Jackman decided to give the officials at the Cook County Criminal Courts at 2600 S. California Avenue a surprise visit earlier today when they showed up unannounced.

    ‘They came in, best we can tell, with everyone else and walked around pretty nondescript,’ said Cook County Sherriff’s spokesman Steve Patterson, adding that the court was not told of their arrival in advance. The actors confirmed their identities when asked.

    Both Craig and Jackman were traveling incognito on a Chicago research trip to prepare for their roles as police officers in the upcoming play. According to a New York spokesman for the play, the visit to Chicago had been kept a closely guarded secret to allow the actors time and space to do the requisite research for their roles.

    Patterson further added that there were several female courthouse deputies ‘who gladly would have provided a personal tour’ for the two film stars.

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