1. Three-Disc 'Casino Royale' DVD Coming In June 2008

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-22
    'Casino Royale' Teaser Poster

    Casino Royale

    Back in August 2007 of last year, exclusively reported that a three-disc DVD edition of 2006’s Casino Royale was on the way.

    As stated at the time, this forthcoming edition would be a follow-up to the rather barebones initial release in March 2007. The film would take up the space of one disc, while the followng two would be allocated for special features.

    Now, according to 007 website, a release date has been set for the DVD in France: 18 June 2008.

    Special features will reportedly include an audio commentary with director Martin Campbell and the producers, a cut scenes montage, and much more. Full details regarding worldwide release dates and further special features will follow soon.

    Back in March 2007, Campbell discussed the Casino Royale DVD with USA Today and revealed that a commentary would be in store for the next release: ‘Yes, we are doing a commentary. I think [the studio] tends to milk these things [with Bond films]. When I did GoldenEye, I did it with the producer [Michael G. Wilson]. We’ll probably do it with [the producers].’ He also added that 007 fans may see some of the deleted scenes included as well.

    In another interview with Hollywood In Hi-Def in August of last year, Campbell was asked if he had begun work on any of the special features to accompany the new Casino Royale release: ‘All I’ve done is watch the movie. I’m fascinated by the quality of it. But that’s about as far as I’ve gone. I’m sort of busy at the moment looking at other projects.’

    ‘Certainly I have to OK the scenes that have been cut out,’ he continued. ‘That’s good. I think people are fascinated by scenes that are cut out and I put most of them back into the disc. I hope there’s going to be an extended documentary because they (documentary film crews) are with us all the time, doing interviews all the way through. The documentary on the existing movie (DVD/Blu-ray discs) is just a little short. I just wanted more…’

    CBn reminds fans that this is not to be confused with the upcoming DVD release of the 1967 spoof version of Casino Royale. Click here for CBn’s full coverage of that release.

    CBn will keep you updated with all the latest Casino Royale DVD coverage.