1. '007 Spy Cards' Official Magazine Launched In UK

    By Matt Weston on 2007-10-23

    A new official James Bond magazine has been released in the UK. 007 Spy Cards is a rebranded version of 007 Spy Files, which was launched in the lead-up to Die Another Day‘s release.

    '007 Spy Cards' Issue 1

    007 Spy Cards Issue 1

    The publisher’s website reveals the magazine has been rebranded for the Daniel Craig era, with the actor featuring on the front cover of the first two issues. A new edition will be released fortnightly.

    Aimed at a younger audience, the magazine contains features on the various aspects of the cinematic 007 universe, including some impressively-rendered CGI images. A preview of the first issue can be found online. Each issue also comes with a pack of collector cards.

    The first issue is priced at just £1.50, with subsequent issues costing £2.50. A total of 52 issues are planned.

    Plus, if you subscribe now, you’ll receive eight free gifts (a magazine holder, card wallet, special card, padlock, burglar alarm and three bonus packs of cards).

    Keep watching the new-look for the latest James Bond news.