1. Chris Cornell Reflects On 'Casino Royale' And Daniel Craig As 007

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-08-18

    In a recent article posted at This Is Nottingham, singer and songwriter Chris Cornell reflects on how he became associated with the world of James Bond through last year’s Casino Royale.

    ‘I was surprised to be asked,’ he recalls. ‘And I had some reservations about it. Guys like me resist stuff like that. Then I heard about Daniel Craig being James Bond.’

    ‘I’d actually seen him in several films and was starting to pay attention to him. I knew he was an accomplished actor, and James Bonds tend to be the people’s actor–you like them because that’s who they are.’

    ‘Sean Connery is always Sean Connery,’ Cornell adds. I’m a huge fan, but he doesn’t transform for roles. So I imagined that this could be an amazing twist … I was a fan of [Daniel Craig] already and I thought, if they do this right, it could be genius. Then they showed me the opening sequence where my song was going to be, and I was really excited to be the guy to make that song.’

    ‘But the biggest trepidation really is that you’re on a list with bands like Duran Duran, and A-ha, and Paul McCartney. Oh and Lulu, whoever that is, I don’t know who that is.’

    Cornell’s title song for Casino Royale, “You Know My Name,” was just recently nominated for the award for Best Original Song Written Directly For A Film at the 2007 World Soundtrack Awards. Winner announcements will take place in this upcoming October.

    To read the entire article on how Cornell bonded with success, visit this page from This Is Nottingham.

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