1. British Airways Cuts Casino Royale's Sir Richard Branson Cameo

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-04-22

    According to the BBC News, British Airways has reportedly removed a shot of Virgin Atlantic boss Sir Richard Branson from the in-flight version of Casino Royale.

    Keen-eyed James Bond fans could spot Branson being checked at an airport security scanner in the sequence where Daniel Craig’s 007 pursues Carlos, played by Claudio Santamaria, during the Miami chase. As a result of this new edit, his face has now been removed from the film.

    In addition to the above edit, British Airways also removed a shot of the tail fin of a Virgin plane that was in the film. ‘We do reserve the right to edit films, and many films are edited in some way on board,’ said a spokesman.

    In response, Virgin Atlantic spokesman Paul Charles told the Associated Press: ‘We think passengers should see the whole film and nothing but the whole film.’

    Branson helped out the Casino Royale production crew by supplying a plane for one of the filming sequences. Producer Barbara Broccoli previously said, ‘he was very supportive of us and he helped us out when we needed a plane in Prague.’

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