1. Casino Royale Nominated At 2007 World Stunt Awards

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-04-14

    According to a report from TV3 Casino Royale has been nominated in three categories in the upcoming World Stunt Awards, including one nomination for Ben Cooke, who was Daniel Craig’s stunt double in the film.

    Cooke’s first nomination is for the ‘best fight’ award–the prime example in the case of Casino Royale being the hard-hitting bathroom fight between James Bond and Fisher, one of the men he kills to earn his 00-status. The second, ‘best high work,’ is for the crane sequence between Bond and Mollaka.

    The third nomination for the film is for ‘best work with a vehicle.’ Adam Kirley, who crashed the Aston Martin DBS later on in Casino Royale spoke about this nomination back in mid-March: ‘To get the Guinness World Record, and then to be nominated for the World Stunt Awards too… we’re going to LA in May, representing the UK! We’re up for Best High Work, for the crane jump at the start, and Best Work With A Vehicle. To be a stuntman for a Bond movie was just beyond my dreams. When Pierce (Brosnan) was Bond I was always too short as I’m 5ft 10, but I’ve been doubling for Daniel (Craig) for a few years now, so when there were rumours about him getting the part I knew maybe there was the potential, and then to get the call… I could just retire now as a happy man! I’ve been so fortunate even getting into the industry, but to double for James Bond is just the ultimate accolade really.’

    The 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards will take place in mid May in Los Angeles, California.

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