1. Mads Mikkelsen Reflects On Casino Royale And Late-Career Success

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-04-13

    The Toronto Sun features a new interview with Casino Royale‘s Mads Mikkelsen where he discusses his career before and after appearing in the 21st official James Bond film.

    ‘First of all, that’s the story we have. We don’t have all those crime stories like they have in the States. And we don’t play a big part in the international circus. So what we are dealing with are domestic problems, human nature problems. And it’s also recognizable by the rest of the world,’ said Mikkelsen while discussing how many Danish filmmakers focus on the human condition in films.

    In Susanne Bier’s After the Wedding, which played at the 2006 Toronto film festival and is now on its commercial run in Canada, Mikkelsen plays a troubled Dane who finds himself caught up in secrets of his past when he returns to Copenhagen from Bombay, where he runs an orphanage.

    ‘It’s about people thinking they are doing the right thing in their lives–and not necessarily achieving it,’ Mikkelsen says. ‘It’s about the way people behave. People are very strong in their opinion of how life should be but maybe they should let go and go the other way by doing something else.’

    When asked about action films, such as Casino Royale, Mikkelsen says: ‘If it’s an action film, I can definitely live with that.’

    With 007 putting Mikkelsen on the world map more than ever before, he denies having a career plan. ‘No, there is no career. If I’m focusing on a career, then I’m on the wrong, wrong track. I’ve got to focus on my work, or art, if you like. Career is something else. You will always be disappointed if you have career as a goal. It’s just ridiculous. Why should you go through that? You can’t control it anyway.’

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