1. Casino Royale Continues Blu-ray Success For Sony

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-04-10

    The Casino Royale Blu-ray disc continues its massive success for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment after opening to record breaking sales back in mid-March.

    DailyTech reports that Sony has released a special report on the next-generation format’s current lead over HD DVD with several statistics from Nielsen VideoScan.

    Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film debuted at the top of the next-gen format sales charts with 28,233 units, making it the fastest selling high-def disc to date. Additionally, Casino Royale also boosted Blu-ray sales 74.4 percent for the week ending March 18 as compared to the previous week. In comparison, HD DVD sales fell 14.1 percent compared to the week before that.

    Strong Blu-ray sales in 2007 have given it a 7 to 3 sales ratio versus HD DVD. Year to date sales of Blu-ray are 549,730 units and for HD DVD 249,451 units. However, the gap is smaller when examining cumulative sales since each format’s inception. Blu-ray boasts 844,000 compared to HD-DVD’s 708,600. For further information, including several comparison charts, click here.

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