1. Casino Royale's Sebastien Foucan: A 60-Second Interview

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-03-22

    In a new 60-second interview with Metro, Sebastien Foucan, who plays Mollaka in Casino Royale, discussed what it was like preparing for the James Bond film, what free-running actually involves, working with Madonna on her world tour, and much more…

    Metro: Were you surprised by the success of the new Bond film?

    Foucan: It was a surprise. But all through the filming, I always felt we were working on something good.

    Metro: Were you a fan of Bond before you got involved?

    Foucan: I was definitely a fan. My favourite was Octopussy.

    Metro: How does it feel to be part of the Bond villain lineage?

    Foucan: There have been some great villains–my favourite was Jaws–and it’s odd to be a part of that. I’m just starting to realise that I’ll always be part of it.

    Metro: Did the crane-jumping sequence take long to film?

    Foucan: We spent two months working in the Bahamas.

    Metro:Sounds like hell.

    Foucan: It was actually very difficult. We worked very hard but it’s a great place to spend time. It’s a paradise. The hardest thing was to have only one day off a week. The schedule was very tough.


    Metro: Do you think there’ll ever be a black James Bond?

    Foucan: It would be great–especially if they pick me. I’d like that role but I don’t know. They’d have to make a really good movie because I think choosing a black Bond would be criticised a lot.


    Metro: What’s the idea behind free running?

    Foucan: It’s about combating negative energy. It’s hard to talk about the philosophy–it’s easier just to start doing it. Just by participating, you’ll feel it. It’s about trying to be in connection with your body, your spirit and your environment. It fits with a lot of Asian philosophies.


    Metro: Is it dangerous?

    Foucan: I can’t say my discipline isn’t dangerous. Like every physical exercise at a high level, there’s a risk. But I always emphasise safety to young people starting. It’s difficult with some children because they don’t always listen.


    Metro: What’s Madonna like to work with?

    Foucan: She’s very disciplined, too. She’s a perfectionist. We understand each other well. She’s an inspirational person. She shows you that you can reach what you try to reach.


    To read the interview in full, click here to visit the Metro’s website.

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