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    By Devin Zydel on 2007-03-05

    After months of waiting, (although time flew by in comparison to Die Another Day in early 2003) the release of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s debut James Bond film, is now only a matter of days away.

    As the region 1 and 2 release dates draw closer, several reviews of the DVD have started to appear online.

    The Blu-ray DVD version of Casino Royale earned eight out of a possible 10 points at IGN. Earning high points for video and audio, the 007 film is let down mostly in the extras category. ‘The disc’s got it all: a great transfer, a powerful soundtrack with a great dynamic range, and even a few worthwhile extras to boot. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Martin Campbell’s new take on the long-running 007 franchise served up some killer action and drama…’

    The region 3 edition of Casino Royale earned similar praise at DVD Active. ‘Casino Royale is an excellent movie that surpassed my expectations and among all of the reinventions Bond has undergone down the years, this is the most ambitious. On this DVD it is presented very well, in particular the sound quality, and it is a good decision to put the extras on a separate disc so their inclusion doesn’t impact the disc space used for the movie…’

    Lastly, Casino Royale earned four out of five stars in the video category in the DVD Talk review. The Bond film scored perfectly in the audio category, but only managed two and a half stars in the special features category.

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