1. Free Casino Royale Blu-ray DVD For Early PS3 Purchasers

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-02-12

    According to a report from Three Speech, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that the first 500,000 purchasers of Playstation 3 system who registered on the Playstation Network would receive a Blu-ray disc of Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film, Casino Royale.

    Explaining the offer, Darren Carter, VP Brand and Consumer Marketing said, ‘The Playstation Network unlocks the broad range of interactive entertainment features of Playstation 3. It’s easy to set up, offers free online gaming, has great tools for staying in touch with friends and family, and includes a wide variety of content for download through the Playstation Store.’

    ‘All this, and more, will enable users to experience a whole new world of interactive entertainment, and that is why we are offering the phenomenal incentive of Casino Royale, on Blu-ray disc, to PS3 owners who register on the Playstation Network. Casino Royale not only makes the most of the features and capabilities of the Blu-ray format, but is one of the most exciting and entertaining movies to debut on Blu-ray this year.’

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