1. Martin Campbell Disappointed Over Casino Royale Pirated DVDs

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-30

    As previously reported by CBn, the premiere of Casino Royale took place in China yesterday. Attending the event were Daniel Craig, Eva Green, director Martin Campbell, and producer Barbara Broccoli. It is the first time a James Bond film has been officially released in the country.

    The Washington Post reports that Campbell was understandably disappointed to find so many pirated DVD copies of Casino Royale already on the streets with the film just starting in theaters.

    ‘An awful lot of revenue is lost.’ as a result, said Campbell. ‘From my point of view as a director, the quality of what you get on the pirated DVD is often terrible, so it’s not the way I want my film to be seen.’

    He told reporters he purchased a copy for about $1.30. ‘Unfortunately, my name wasn’t on the credits,’ he said with a laugh, when asked if he’d shown the street vendor his name on the DVD cover. ‘I think the credits were from The Fast and the Furious.’

    ‘Electronic editing and the way we process movies of course leaves [films] wide open to this… it’s a huge problem.’

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