1. Casino Royale Premieres Today In China

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-29

    The premiere of Casino Royale took place today in Beijing, China, the last international market for the film–reports the BBC and Reuters.

    The event was attended by Daniel Craig, Eva Green, director Martin Campbell and producer Barbara Broccoli. Craig was reportedly ‘privileged’ to show his first James Bond film ‘in a country that I’ve been eager to visit for a long time.’

    The film is being shown unedited throughout the country, according to Sony Pictures. A ‘good thing,’ said Craig, pleased that the film will be shown ‘in its entirety.’

    However, the many pirated DVD copies did not go unnoticed. ‘Someone tried to sell me a copy last night,’ said Craig. ‘I was wearing a hat and glasses so they didn’t recognise me. I understand the reality of the situation and it saddens me, not just because of the effect it has on the movie industry but because going to the cinema is a great experience.’

    ‘You’re missing out by watching a bad copy of a DVD with no sound and bad picture quality. As far as I’m concerned cinema is a collective experience and you get 50 percent more by going to the cinema.’

    Campbell was also happy to see Casino Royale released uncut. ‘After 21 films, it’s obviously very significant, given that we are the first Bond film to be shown here,’ he said. ‘The fact that we got it through without any censor cuts at all seems to me to be some kind of achievement.’

    ‘I don’t think they mind the violence. It’s interesting that we had a tiny bit cut in England, and we had a little bit of the violence trimmed in America,’ he added.’

    As previously reported by CBn, a second premiere of Casino Royale will take place in Shanghai on the 30th (the date of the general release as well). It will play on over 1,000 screens, the largest ever for a foreign film.

    Click here for additional details and pictures from the event.

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