1. Eva Green Discusses Casino Royale, Bond, And Beyond

    Casino Royale‘s Eva Green

    Many are already calling Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd one of the strongest leading ladies in the James Bond series. In a new interview with the Guardian, she discusses her work in Casino Royale as well as what the future holds.

    Green explains how appearing in a Bond film wasn’t ‘beneath’ her: ‘In France, it’s just not a big deal, whereas here every man wants to be Bond. I just read the script and thought, “This is good.”‘

    ‘[Daniel Craig] got all the mad tabloids–I got nothing. Actually that’s not quite true. I got very angry when people kept asking me, “What’s it feel like to be a Bond girl?” As if I was soup.’

    Green also mentioned she was happy not to appear nude in Casino Royale, saying: ‘I’ve been nude in a film before (The Dreamers) and found it very troubling, so I was quite glad not to be in this film. In [Casino Royale‘s] shower scene–you remember?–they wanted me to strip down to my panties. We had a good fight about that. I used to go to Daniel and ask for his support.’

    When asked about her nomination for the BAFTA Rising Star award, Green said: ‘In France we have the Cesars, but I think the Baftas are much more serious. So when the nomination was for me in a Bond film, it’s a bit like a joke … I don’t believe in awards. It’s very good for the ego, I suppose.’

    She recently finished filming Northern Lights, the first part of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, along with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. As for what is next: ‘I have been in two big machines now and something a bit smaller scale would be nice. I want to work in England.’

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    Devin Zydel @ 2007-01-26
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