1. Dame Judi Dench Discusses Changes In Casino Royale For China

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-25

    Although it was previously reported that Casino Royale had been approved with no cuts for its upcoming release in China, Dame Judi Dench reports that she had to change one of her lines in the film in order for it to be approved.

    In an interview on CTV, Dame Judi says the line ‘Christ, I miss the Cold War’ didn’t make the cut for Casino Royale‘s release in China.

    ‘Yes, I wasn’t allowed to say that for China,’ she says. ‘I had to re-dub it. It was: “God, I miss the old times.” Not quite the same thing.’

    Casino Royale will premiere on 29 January in China, with Daniel Craig, Eva Green, director Martin Campbell and producer Barbara Broccoli attending. It will be the first James Bond film to be released in theatres in the country.

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