1. International Box Office Help Push Casino Royale Past $400 Million Worldwide

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-17

    Variety reports that the internatonal box office for Casino Royale has once again helped push the film past two more milestones: the $400 million barrier, and more importantly, the international box office record for the James Bond series.

    As reported on CBn here, Casino Royale‘s new international total of $280.3 million has become the most successful Bond film internationally, breaking the record of $271 million, which was held by Die Another Day.

    While this was the first frame where the film was not #1 internationally, Casino Royale still posted strong numbers in several markets.

    In Germany, the film made $3.2 million, $2.95 in the UK (for an already Bond record breaking overall total of $85 million+), $2.9 million in Australia and $1.6 million in France. It opened #1 in Brazil with $1.3 million.

    With a current worldwide total of $417.8 million, (just $13.4 million of breaking the overall box office record held by Die Another Day) Casino Royale is yet to open in both Italy and South Korea.

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest Casino Royale coverage.

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