1. Chris Cornell Discusses The Casino Royale World Premiere

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-14

    Chris Cornell, who performed the main title song for Casino Royale, ‘You Know My Name,’ has spoke about attending the royal world premiere for the film, which took place on 14 November.

    As reported on the Examiner, Cornell received his invitation to the James Bond premiere from producer Barbara Broccoli. Hearing his own title theme over Casino Royale‘s main title sequence ‘somehow seemed strange. And because it was the choice of a new actor, where they’re reinventing Bond all over again in Britain, you really got this fever pitch that this was not a normal opening of a movie–it was a really big deal.’

    ‘[The Royal premiere] means that the core of the people that are associated with making the film go stand in a room with their significant others, and a guy comes around and gives you a Tic-Tac,’ he says, laughing. ‘So you don’t offend the Queen, I suppose, with your bad breath.’

    Commenting on how Her Majesty The Queen made conversation with almost everyone in the line, including himself, Cornell said ‘She’s the Queen of England. She doesn’t have to say anything. But to work that hard at her age and just to be that polite to everybody I thought was amazing. It was the first time it kind of made sense to me–the monarchy in England still existing.’

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