1. Casino Royale Meets With Lois Maxwell's Approval

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-11

    The Age reports that Casino Royale has met with the approval of Lois Maxwell, who appeared as Miss Moneypenny in the first 14 films of the series.

    Calling the film ‘fabulous,’ Maxwell said she was impressed with Daniel Craig’s performance as the new James Bond. ‘He is very interesting. He looks dangerous. He has a very good voice and, like my late husband, a very chewable lower lip.’

    While she called the stuntwork of the film ‘unbelivable,’ there were a few quibbles she had with the film, the music for one. ‘And I thought the opening sequence, with the swimming girls and the cars, was way too long: it was kind of boring.’

    Despite those aspects, Casino Royale seemed to be a winner for the Bond veteran. ‘I think they’ll be as popular as ever.’

    ‘Every man wants to be Bond, and every woman wants to be like the women in the films. But in Casino Royale, I did like how there’s more of a story, the women have more dialogue, and Bond isn’t jumping into bed all the time.’

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