1. Friday Estimates Knock Casino Royale & Happy Feet From Top Two

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-09

    While the official numbers are to be announced regarding the box office for Friday, 8 December, the current estimates on Box Office Mojo are predicting that both Casino Royale and Happy Feet will finally be knocked out of the top two in the US.

    James Bond and the dancing penguins have ruled the US box office since both films opened on 17 November. While Casino Royale was #2 on the weekends, the film was nearly always in the top spot for each weekday box office.

    New competition from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, The Holiday, and Blood Diamond however, may knock Bond and the penguins out of the top two for this weekend. The current estimate figures are: Apocalypto with $4.9 million, The Holiday with $4.4, Happy Feet with $3.0, and Blood Diamond and Casino Royale with $2.6 each.

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