1. Martin Campbell Proud of Casino Royale

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-02

    Director Martin Campbell has reason to be satisfied with the final result that is Casino Royale, reports the New Zealand Herald.

    However, work on the 21st official James Bond film could be described quite simply as a ‘nightmare,’ said the director. ‘Every time we called “cut” we had to go back to square one. We had 50 decks of cards, all pre-set so, when you dealt, the right hands would come up. All the chips had to be in perfect position around the actors. But there were three major sections and I had to shoot them slightly differently each time so it was difficult.’

    On the harsh publicity regarding Daniel Craig as the new 007, Campbell said: ‘Everyone is a little possessive of Bond, and I suppose Daniel wasn’t right to a lot of these people. Then you see it and you realise he’s absolutely terrific.’

    When it came to Ian Fleming’s very first James Bond novel, ‘everyone realised we had to go back to basics,’ he says. ‘We changed a few things–the villain becomes a banker for terrorism–and added a lot more action. But, essentially, it’s the same story.’

    ‘I like the fact I slipped under the radar,’ he said when discussing the lack of recognition he has received for his work in his home country. ‘I just tried to get on with my career. Recognition is bullshit. It’s the work that’s important.’

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