1. Details On Upcoming Casino Royale Competition

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-12-02

    Variety reports with details on upcoming competition that Casino Royale will be facing in December.

    The biggest competition to James Bond (despite a very close US battle with Happy Feet‘s penguins) is New Line’s The Nativity Story, which will open at 3,183 playdates. However, according to the report: ‘viewed as somewhat unpredictable, given that it lacks the buzz of controversy that helped propel The Passion of the Christ to over $600 million in worldwide grosses.’

    While the battle between Casino Royale and Happy Feet has been centered in the US so far, the penguins will be following James Bond to the foreign market (where 007 is currently dominating the box office) with openings in Germany and Italy for the Warner Bros film.

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