1. Casino Royale US Theatre Count To Decrease In December

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-30

    The US theatre count for Casino Royale, which initially started off at 3,443 locations in the US will decrease by 57 to 3,386, starting 1 December–reports Box Office Mojo.

    While this slightly increases the gap between the number of theatres for the newest James Bond film and its main competition, Happy Feet (which will remain at 3,804 theatres) many 007 fans are still predicting that both films will continue to reign at the box office due to a lack of other competition.

    Casino Royale has taken the #2 spot (to Happy Feet, which has taken #1 both times) for both weekends so far in the US, but has often come out as #1 for the weekday showings.

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