1. Daniel Craig Discusses Casino Royale; 'Looking Forward' To Bond 22

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-27

    An interview with Daniel Craig has appeared online at STV. This interview, which took place just before the public release of Casino Royale in the UK, features Daniel Craig speaking on the role as well as his future as James Bond…

    Craig explains that this Bond film had to take a different path when comparing it with the previous films: ‘I just thought that if we were going to do Casino Royale, we [had] to go somewhere else.’

    ‘We wanted to first and foremost make a great movie that would appeal to anybody,’ says Craig.’

    Regarding film projects outside of the world of 007, Craig said: ‘I’m not going to stop reading scripts and I’m not going to stop looking an interesting stuff. As long as people are interested in me doing these things, I’ll do it.’

    When asked if there is any indication on how long Craig will stick around, he said: ‘Until I get kicked out, I suppose [laughs]. At this stage, I’m really looking forward to making another movie. Beyond that I have no idea.’

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