1. Casino Royale: A 'Fantastic' Finished Result, Says Wilson

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-26

    A new video from the world premiere of Casino Royale, which took place on 14 November in London, has appeared online at YouTube.

    Producer Michael G. Wilson was interviewed on the finished result of Casino Royale, to which he said: ‘I think the finished result is fantastic. I think we’ve got a Bond [in Daniel Craig] for the next decade and maybe beyond. It’s certainly a rebooting of the franchise and Barbara and I are absolutely delighted the way it turned out. It couldn’t have turned out better.’

    ‘I think we’d gotten a little too fantastical with the last film, Die Another Day,’ says Wilson when asked why they decided to shake up the 007 formula. ‘It was necessary to bring it back down to earth and we got a chance to make Casino Royale. We’d gotten the rights after 40 years and here’s the chance to do it the proper way.’

    When questioned about what exactly the formula will be for Bond 22 and beyond, Wilson said: ‘I think so… so far it looks like the public loves it.’

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