1. David Arnold Puts The Casino Royale Soundtrack In Order

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-21

    ***Warning***: The official tracklist for the Casino Royale soundtrack contains a major plot spoiler for the film.

    James Bond fans who wish to listen to the 007 soundtrack cues in the order they appear in the film are in luck when it comes to Casino Royale.

    On his official website, composer David Arnold has put the soundtrack cues (both those available on the CD and the iTunes exclusives) in the order they appear in the film:

    • Licence: 2 Kills
    • You Know My Name
    • Reveal Le Chiffre
    • Mongoose Vs Snake
    • Bombers Away
    • African Rundown
    • Nothing Sinister
    • Push Them Overboard
    • Unauthorised Access
    • Blunt Instrument
    • CCTV
    • Bedside Computer
    • Solange
    • Trip Aces
    • Miami International
    • Beep Beep Beep Bang
    • I’m The Money
    • Aston Montenegro
    • Dinner Jackets
    • The Tell
    • The Inhaler
    • Stairwell Fight
    • Vesper
    • Bond Loses It All
    • Brother From Langley
    • Dirty Martini
    • Bond Wins It All
    • The End Of An Aston
    • Prelude To A Beating
    • The Bad Die Young
    • Coming Around
    • I’m Yours
    • City of Lovers
    • The Switch
    • Fall Of A House In Venice
    • Running To The Elevator
    • Death Of Vesper
    • The Bitch Is Dead
    • The Name’s Bond… James Bond

    Order the Casino Royale soundtrack from

    Order the Casino Royale soundtrack from

    Interview with David Arnold – Scoring Casino Royale

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