1. Casino Royale International Box Office Details

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-20

    Variety reports with details on the international box office totals for Casino Royale, where it has broken a few records…

    Casino Royale made its way into the top three all time biggest UK weekend openings (as well as marking the biggest ever UK opening for a James Bond film) with $25.6 million (about £13.49 million).

    The newest James Bond film also set a record in India where it earned $3.2 million at 427 playdates, beating Spider-Man 2‘s opening by 87% for biggest debut of a non-Indian film.

    Other box office totals include: Russia with $3.8 million (eighth largest opening for a non-Russian film), Greece with $1.34 million, Thailand with $1.1 million, Taiwan with $1 million, Singapore with $900,000, Malaysia with $800,000, Poland with $735,000 and the United Arab Emirates with $635,000.

    Box Office Mojo reports that the worldwide total for Casino Royale is: $84,241,042 (as of 19 November).

    Casino Royale – Box Office Details

    • UK Opening Day: £1.7 million
    • UK Opening Weekend: £13.49 million
    • US Opening Day: $14.7 million
    • US Opening Weekend: $40.8 million
    • Greece Opening Weekend: $1.34 million
    • Poland Opening Weekend: $735,000
    • Russia Opening Weekend: $3.8 million
    • India Opening Weekend: $3.2 million
    • Malaysia Opening Weekend: $800,000
    • Singapore Opening Weekend: $900,000
    • Taiwan Opening Weekend: $1 million
    • Thailand Opening Weekend: $1.1 million
    • United Arab Emirates Opening Weekend: $635,000
    • Worldwide: $84.2 million (as of 19 Nov.)

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