1. Melissa Lackersteen On Transforming Bond Girls With Make-Up

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-18

    While there has been non-stop news and interviews with director Martin Campbell and producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli regarding Casino Royale over the past few weeks, This Is Local London reports on one crew member who is very important in setting a style in the film: Melissa Lackersteen.

    Lackersteen, who worked as a make-up artist on Casino Royale, traveled with the production from Prague to the Czech Republic, Italy and the Bahamas, and worked specifically with Bond girls Eva Green, Caterina Murino, and Ivana Milcevic. Her previous experience with the James Bond series includes 2002’s Die Another Day.

    ‘Eva Green has really proved herself as an actress in this movie,’ said Lackersteen. ‘She also has very strong opinions on her look and likes strong make-up and deep-red lips. But she looks lovely natural too. I gave Caterina an Arabesque-style look. She looks amazing in the beach scene, with her bright green bikini on dark skin. Blonde, Ivana is a contrast to the others. She is very like a model and her face loves make-up.’

    Working on Casino Royale, she said: ‘I had discussions with the actresses about what make-up they would like, because I wanted them to feel happy, but also gave my views as I had read the script.’

    ‘I love doing make-up because I enjoy seeing people’s transformation and bringing out the best in them.’

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