1. Daniel Craig: 'I'm Very Happy That They've Liked The Movie'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-18

    With Casino Royale breaking a UK box office record for James Bond films, opening #1 in the US, and hitting the right notes for many critics, Daniel Craig’s debut film as 007 seems to be a hit.

    A BBC video report from the premiere of the film can be viewed online at where Craig and Dame Judi Dench speak about the release of the film.

    ‘I’m very happy with the reponse, I’m very happy that [the fans] liked the movie. That’s what we set out to do; we set out to make a good movie,’ said Craig.

    ‘They all feel different, because they’re all different scripts, says Dame Judi. ‘So you just try and be as truthful and true to the scene as you believe it is and as Martin Campbell tells you it is.’

    Several celebrities were at the grand event, including Sir Elton John, who said: ‘I’ve never seen a Bond film at a premiere before, so I’m coming here to support Daniel Craig, who is a friend and a really great actor, and I think there’s so much interest in this film because of him and it being so different to the other Bonds. I think he’s going to be really successful.’

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