1. Move From Brosnan To Craig Necessary, Says Wilson

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-17

    The LA Daily News features a new article where producer Michael G. Wilson and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell comment on how the new James Bond film just could not have worked with Pierce Brosnan in the role…

    ‘Pierce was very successful in the way he portrayed it, no doubt about it,’ says producer Michael G. Wilson. ‘But you couldn’t make Casino Royale with Pierce, based upon him making four before. It was difficult for us to come to that conclusion on a personal level with him. It was strictly a decision about the direction that we had to take the series to keep it alive in the future.’

    ‘He always wanted a little more character, perhaps a grittier, tougher Bond,’ says Martin Campbell, who also directed Brosnan’s first 007 adventure: GoldenEye. ‘And of course, the irony is that it went to Daniel Craig, who immediately made it his own. But I did talk to Pierce about two weeks ago, and I must say he was incredibly relaxed. Whatever problems, if he had them, about not getting it seemed to be long past. He was very gracious toward Daniel. He hadn’t seen the new film, by the way.’

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