1. Caterina Murino's 'Royale' Ascent

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-16

    The Telegraph takes a look at just how Bond girl Caterina Murino, who plays Solange in Casino Royale managed to get the role.

    She explains: ‘I was in Buenos Aires doing a movie and when I came back my agent said, “Congratulations, you just missed the James Bond casting.” I can’t say I was very bothered. I said to her, “Do you really imagine they are going to take someone like me? Hah! I don’t think so.”‘

    Murino says that a chance meeting in Rome with a casting director who was still looking for the perfect actress gave her a chance to audition for the role.

    After learning she had obtained the role in Casino Royale, Murino says ‘what worried me most of all was that I would have to ride a horse in the film. You see, only two months before, I had been thrown from a galloping horse and broken a bone in my back. Afterwards, I swore to myself that I would never go anywhere near a horse again. Not even to stroke his nose! Then I read the script and almost the first words I read were, “Solange is riding a horse along the beach.” I just thought, “Oh no, I can’t possibly do this.”‘

    Thanks to some producer Barbara Broccoli, Murino met with ‘the best horse-person in London. I spent a whole month with him. Every morning I would be in tears and every night I would have nightmares about having another accident the next day. Then, after about three weeks, I found I wasn’t frightened any more, and after a month I loved horses so much that I’d run after one if I saw it in the park.’

    ‘We are not typical James Bond girls,’ she explains. We are proper women, you know; we have feelings and characters. And although I am very happy with this label “James Bond girl”, I hope that people will see that I am also passionate about what I do.’

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