1. Bond Fans Go The Extra Mile For Daniel Craig And Casino Royale

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-14

    With the world premiere of Casino Royale, the 21st official James Bond film, taking place in London, the BBC reports that the grand event brought it thousands of 007 fans to event.

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    ‘I have seen the stars and the atmosphere has been superb and we are all off to see a late showing of the film itself,’ said Bond fan Karl Auzins, from Wolverhampton. ‘It’s different to other action movies. It’s British for a start and that gives it a real flavour that stands out from the crowd. It has shown it can last. Kids what to be James Bond even when they grown up but no one wants to be Harry Potter for long.’

    ‘This is my sixth,’ said 007 fan Steven Morris, from Colwyn Bay in North Wales. ‘I had the privilege of attending the last Roger Moore premiere, the two Timothy Dalton’s and two of Pierce Brosnan’s. They were all very special.’

    ‘I had wanted Robbie Williams or Clive Owen to play the part but when I found out Daniel Craig had got it and he is from Chester, just round the corner from me, I was pleased.’

    Bond fans Dan Thomas and Steve Spring traveled from Northampton to attend the Casino Royale premiere. ‘We are here for the late shows and came along to sample the atmosphere,’ said Steve. ‘It’s such a buzz when a new Bond comes out.’

    ‘From this film we are looking for a more serious approach. Let’s hope the makers have learnt that Bond and computer graphics don’t mix. You can push that envelope, between the amazing and the unbelievable, only so far with 007. Invisible cars is too far.’

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