1. Casino Royale World Premiere Brings Out The Stars

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-14

    The BBC reports that the world premiere of Casino Royale, the 21st official James Bond film, has brought out the stars as well as thousands of 007 fans in hopes of meeting Daniel Craig and others at the grand event.

    Craig, who arrived to the tune of the Bond theme said: ‘I’m just very excited. These sort of things happen once in a lifetime and I’m just trying to enjoy it.’ When asked how he compared Casino Royale to previous Bond films, he replied: ‘It’s not up to me to compare them. Casino Royale is still a Bond movie and there’s a love story.’

    Bond girl Eva Green, who plays the mysterious Vesper Lynd, was also present at the premiere. ‘The character is not only beautiful but she’s also very sassy and funny but also vulnerable,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t have wanted to do it if it was just a bikini-clad role. I wanted to see the script first but was then very keen to get involved.’

    Dame Judi Dench, who returned as ‘M,’ said: ‘I had nothing to teach Daniel, he is a superb actor. I would like to keep playing M as long as they keep asking me and as long as I can remain standing for enough time to get the take.’

    Former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh, former Bond theme song veteran Dame Shirley Bassey, Paris Hilton, Sir Elton John, and the Sugababes were among the celebrities who were present at the world premiere.

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