1. Martin Campbell Discusses Casino Royale With IGN

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-13

    A video interview with director Martin Campbell has appeared online at IGN.

    When asked if Casino Royale is the most important film of his career, Campbell said: ‘I think in the sense that if I fail, [laughs] it’s a big risk. I think the hope was to get the movie, tonally, so that it was very different, but keeps what’s great about Bond.’

    ‘I think Fleming envisaged the Daniel Craig Bond. It’s interesting, in the books there’s no humour. None whatsoever. Also, he’s a much darker character. He drinks too much, he smokes 70 a day… [and] the violence affects him. He finds it difficult to deal with.’

    Click here to watch the entire interview with Martin Campbell.

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