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  1. David Arnold On Casino Royale And The Bond Songs

    An interview with composer David Arnold and David Walliams (during his ‘My Life With 007’ television special) can now be viewed online at YouTube. The clip also includes a previously unreleased scene from Casino Royale.

    Arnold, who composed the score for Casino Royale, discusses the approach he took for Daniel Craig’s debut Bond film…

    ‘As a Bond fan I have an expectation about what I’d like to hear,’ says Arnold when asked if he immerses himself in the film while scoring. ‘I completely took my lead from the way Daniel played it and I think based the whole idea of the song and the drive of the score on the way that he moved.’

    ‘Everyone has an opinion on what a Bond song should be. And they kind of fall into three different categories: there’s the “you’re a dangerous stranger/velvet curtain kind of record,” there’s the Goldfinger, big, brash drama, then you have the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Live And Let Die.’

    ‘It needs to be: “I’m here, whatever you’ve got, bring it on, because I’m ready for you.” And that kind of covers the character, and it also covers the fact that its a new Bond; it is Daniel and it is going to be confrontational.’