1. Daniel Craig Gives The James Bond Franchise A 'Jolt'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-13

    A new interview with Daniel Craig from the BBC News has appeared online with working on Casino Royale as the obvious topic. Click here to watch the interview with Daniel Craig on YouTube.

    Before taking on the role of James Bond, Craig says that he ‘asked every friend, every family member, everybody that I respected, and just said: “What do you think?” I really didn’t want to look back and say: “I wish I had.””

    On Casino Royale‘s rigorous stunt sequences, he said: ‘I got the role a year ago and went to [producer] Barbara Broccoli and said: “Look, I need to get fit.” I needed to get fit because I wanted to do the stunts and be involved with it as much as possible.’

    ‘If this franchise was to continue, in my opinion, it needed to change. It needed to have a jolt. There’s no point in me doing it unless I thought at the end of this movie there was somewhere to go.’

    And what direction will Bond 22 be taking? ‘You have to sort of wait and see what is happening in the world. That’s Bond.’

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