1. Caterina Murino Discusses Casino Royale – Tribute TV Interview

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-12

    A new interview with Caterina Murino, who plays Bond girl Solange in Casino Royale, has appeared online. Click here to watch the Tribute TV interview with Caterina Murino.

    When asked what it was like to be a Bond girl, Murino said: ‘At first, people were telling me that after playing the role in the Bond movie, their careers eventually disappear… I’m very proud to be a Bond girl. I’m proud to be apart of this world, you know, this huge franchise. And after this, I’m just going to turn the page, and my life is going to continue like a normal actress.’

    On working with Daniel Craig, Murino said: ‘Before I didn’t know him, and before I went to the Bahamas, I went to see him in Munich by Spielberg and was very impressed… He was so professional with me, he made me relaxed, also because it was my first English movie. At the beginning it was very difficult because my dialogue coach was always with me and we needed to keep repeating the phrases for the English, and he was very patient with me. Absolutely professional.’

    The early naysayers were ‘unnecessary’ according to Murino. ‘They were very nasty with [Craig], not because of his job, but because he was blond. How can you be more stupid than to judge an actor for the colour of their hair? But you know, I’m kind of glad alot of people were against him because they’re going to be so surprised.’

    ‘Maybe people thought in 21 movies, we said everything about James. It’s not true. Everything has not been said.’

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