1. Casino Royale: 'Let's Go Back To Reality'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-12

    A brand new article centering on Casino Royale, the 21st official James Bond film, has appeared online at the Globe and Mail.

    As many Bond fans already know, Casino Royale can be seen as the Bond film that took the path less traveled. ‘We’re making a change in the whole direction of the series, and we’re making it at a time when the prior film had been the most successful [yet],’ says producer Barbara Broccoli.

    ‘The world is a very dangerous place,’ Broccoli said this week, during an interview in New York. ‘What’s interesting is, when we went to do GoldenEye, we hadn’t made a film for a few years, and everybody was saying, “The [Berlin] Wall has come down and the world is a safe place–is there any need for James Bond any more?”‘ ‘Well!’ she laughs. ‘Look what’s happened, the world isn’t a safe place, look at how the world has just gotten more and more dangerous. I think we all like the idea of someone like James Bond out there trying to keep peace and world order–and putting his life on the line for the greater good.’

    Producer Michael G. Wilson said: ‘The fact that Bond is really grappling with things now says something interesting about the way we as a culture are starting to think about the things we’re involved with, politically. To want to take that more seriously, and really see the human side of it, is an interesting change to the way we’ve chosen to see spy manoeuvres and espionage in the past.’

    The character of James Bond would ‘look like an idiot,’ says Wilson, if Casino Royale did not at least take note of the ‘moral ambiguities inherent in keeping the world safe from villainy.’

    Daniel Craig spoke on the role in a recent interview as well: ‘I wanted to see a fallible human being. Somebody who makes mistakes, somebody who an audience watches and goes: This might not turn out good, this might turn out bad. I didn’t go out to make him likeable. I wanted to show somebody who changed. I did not want him to be the same person at the beginning of the movie who he was at the end.’

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