1. Chris Cornell On The 'You Know My Name' Music Video

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-09

    Blabbermouth reports that Chris Cornell has spoken about the making of the music video for ‘You Know My Name,’ Casino Royale‘s title song.

    ‘A lot of people that wrote treatments for it, it was kind of like, “Make the singer a secret agent as well,” which didn’t appeal to me. That’s the obvious idea. It’s so hard to make a video with film footage in it without it being kind of stupid.’

    ‘I just wanted somebody that could tell a simple story in a way that looks cinematic,’ says Cornell, who eventually chose Michael Hausman to direct it. ‘I saw a couple of his videos and he had exactly that cinematic quality. So I just called him up.’

    ‘You Know My Name’ premiered on 31 October on MTV’s ‘Making the Video.’ Click here to watch Chris Cornell’s ‘You Know My Name’ music video for Casino Royale.

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