1. Casino Royale's Aston Martin Sets World Record

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-07

    While Casino Royale has yet to make its world premiere, it has already broken a Guinness World Record .

    Yahoo News reports that the Aston Martin DBS has done more cannon rolls than ever before. In Casino Royale, the car is driven off the road by Daniel Craig’s 007 in the film because of finding Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd lying in the middle of the road.

    As previously reported on CBn, stunt driver Adam Kirley said of the sequence: ‘Gary Powell decided to raise the ramp to just under two feet in the end. I came in at the 75, 80 miles an hour speed, hit it with the two left hand side wheels, anticipating it to roll very easily. But the car just literally took off in the air, levelled pretty much, and landed on all four wheels. Completely. No chance of rolling whatsoever because of the stability of the car.’

    Eventually they decided upon a cannon. ‘The special effects guys had put a cannon in which sits just behind the driver’s seat. It has a cylinder that, as you press a button, releases a load of air which punches the cylinder into the road which then, in turn, turns the car over. And that’s how we ended up doing it in the end,’ says Kirley.

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